Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The WooHoo Awesome Sweet Yeah Holy Shits!!!

The WooHoo Awesome Sweet Yeah Holy Shits!!!
Extra Exclamation Point
[Indiebuzz Records; 2005]
Rating: 11.0

Silence. Beautiful and golden, like the forgotten sound of a basement tape of the Gods long fallen. So begins "Extra Exclamation Point", the debut LP of the latest band from the burgeoning Albequeurqe, New Mexico indie rock scene (what, you haven't heard?)

The WooHoo Awesome Sweet Yeah Holy Shits!!! are an undeniable miracle. Their jangly, angular, boisterous, poignant, harmonious, New Wave-inspired-without-being- derivative, joyous, hand-clapping, foot-stomping sound is exactly what the universe has been missing. It is, in a word, antidisestablishmentarianism.

As opposed to thier flash-in-the-pan, now totally out of style predecessors like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Shout Out Louds and the Go! Team, The WooHoo Awesome Sweet Yeah Holy Shits!!! will be rocking your iPod Nano for a very long time to come. Maybe even two, three weeks. They're worthy of every bit of the buzz that will result at the publication of this review, so I would suggest paying as much as $700 for scalped tickets to their upcoming show in an impossibly small venue that everyone will want to say they were at.

Like Wesley Willis after a large sushi dinner, WHASYHS!!! frontman Atreyu Overholster combines the swagger of Jagger with the vocal intensity of early-era Bob Seger. The rest of the band doesn't really matter, but they're good, too.

Obligatory reference to T. Rex Bowie Kinks Eno Early Duran Duran Obscure Punk Band.

As I stumble out of my Williamsburg apartment, listening to the joyous sounds of The WooHoo Awesome Sweet Yeah Holy Shits!!!, I am reminded of the first time I heard music that changed my life. The album was a rare imported Nick Drake home recording. I was 4 years old. Today I feel like a child once again.

Key tracks include, "Oh My God Remember The Rollerskating Rink!?!?", "Huddle Up and Cuddle", and "The 80's Were Awesome!".

--Some Asshole, October 19, 2005

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