Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Some Things Happened Today

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I woke up this morning, showered and got dressed. Then some things happened. I ran into some people. We had conversations about different subjects, some of them important, most of them not. I ate some food at different times in the day, usually mealtimes. I did some other stuff. A few telephone calls were made, and further matters of varying importance were discussed. Yet a few more phone calls were received, with similar results.

Did you hear about the thing the one celebrity said about the other celebrity? I heard that they've been doing things together. I think its because of the stuff that's been happening. This one website had some pictures of it, and said some pretty funny things. Isn't that crazy, how the celebrity has been doing that? What are they thinking?

While I was at work, I clicked on some words with my mouse. I typed keys to form sentences, sometimes preparing documents made up of a lot of sentences. This went on for about eight hours. At an acceptable time, I left. As I rode home, I had a few thoughts about things, some of which led me to other thoughts about things. And people, I thought about them some, too.

When I returned to my apartment, I relaxed by watching this show about stuff, until I got bored and watched something else, then finally one last thing before brushing my teeth and going to bed. As I slept, I had dreams about things and people doing stuff, most of which seemed pretty real, some of which didn't.

Life is so interesting sometimes. I guess that's why I blog.

(Image provided by my new favorite website, and unofficial Blagg Blogg illustrator, Toothpaste for Dinner)

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